Meet The Team


Albert Ross. Manager and Head Guide.

A lifetime of travelling by Land Sea and Air and now living on a windswept rock in the Irish Sea. Over twenty years experience in Asia and Africa and the Americas. A safari with him can indeed be a life changing experience in many ways. Not one to always take the most comfortable or direct route as he believes you are not on a pleasure trip but to view the wildlife first and last. Getting arrested for "looking at things without a permit" comes easy to him


Violet Wood-Hoopoe. (Mrs.) Finance and Admin. Officer.

In charge of all matters to do with finance like paying Albert's Bar bill and invoicing clients.

Rock steady whether dealing with Rhinos, Lodge owners or even the (very) odd client. Handles all problems in a calm and casual manner to ensure the trip is seamless from a client perspective. A competent all round organiser who sees most things better after a nice gin and tonic.


Robin Chat. Ornithological expert and logistics.

Robin is new to the team having been appointed, dismissed and re-appointed all within the space of five minutes. (Well what would you do when a chap calls "Bird of Prey" for a Pied Crow!) However his other qualities shine through and we were encouraged by the story of his arrest in India which had all the hallmarks of the Whiteknuckles Ethos.

Robin is seen here arranging for a guide on one of our recent trips.


Cliff Chat. Photography and Technical Stuff.

Cliff is another newcomer to the Whiteknuckles Team having joined just after his cousin Robin. Whilst relatively new to Africa he is mastering the learning curve quickly and is quite comfortable around large mammals which is just as well. His expertise has been invaluable in getting a full digital record of our trips.


Eminia Lepida. Albertine Rift Expert.

Emmy as he is known has been responsible for our Ugandan operations since almost the start. His knowledge of the area is unsurpassed and he enhances any trip we organise. A great asset to our team.


Back at HQ we have a dedicated team waiting for your call.

Rosy and Olive B Eater together with their sister Cola will put together a trip for you that you will remember for the rest of your lives.