Slovenija. More a Journey than a Safari

A pictorial log of a trip by train to Slovenija and a look at some of its wildlife.

Italy and Germany 2014

What has become our annual drive south for some birds and some walking.

North in November 2014

A short cruise to Europes northernmost point and the Barents sea.

Europe 2015

We drive from home to Italy via Hull-Rotterdam Ferry.
We see some birds and walk some mountains.

European trip. 2016

A small record of our annual migration by car to the Dolomites and back.

Europe 2018

Once more we head to Italy on our annual trip through Germany.

Spain by train and not in vain.

Svalbard August 2022

A ten day cruise on m.v. Malmo around Svalbard archipelago

Europe 2019.A few birds.

A few of the things and places we viisted on our 2019 drive to Slovenia.